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Become a Rescue and Care Member (Active)

Active membership involves handling flying-foxes and micro-bats, both of which have been known to carry a rare disease called Australian Bat Lyssavirus. Although Australian Health authorities suggest that Lyssavirus poses a low public health risk, BCRQ active members MUST have a course of rabies vaccinations (3 injections over 1 month) before undertaking Active Membership activities. The responsibility for vaccinations rests entirely with each individual member. BCRQ cannot be held liable should an Active Member neglect to be adequately vaccinated or fail to have booster vaccinations when indicated necessary by a low titre level.

Active Members must be over 18 years of age and all members will have access to free annual rehabilitation and orphan training workshops, including training manuals. Access to crèche and release facilities are made available either free, or for the most minimal fee possible.

Please note that all new memberships and renewals are pending committee approval.

Application Form

Alternatively, you can download and print a pdfPDF Application Form.

First name*: *
Last name*: *
Street address line 1*: *
Street address line 2:
Suburb*: *
State*: **
Postcode*: *
Home phone number:
Mobile phone number:
Work phone number:
Email address*: *
  Newsletters and correspondence will be via email only. New members who do not have access to email are encouraged to set up a Hotmail or Google mail address at your nearest library. This is a free service provided by your local council.
Under the Nature Conservation Act, Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. is obligated to send updated membership lists to the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service. Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. will not pass member details on to any other organization unless authorized by the member to do so. Your personal details may be passed on to other members of Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. for the purpose of rescue and care allocation only.
Yes, I allow my details to be available to the BCRQ general membership
BCRQ Inc holds Public Liability Insurance in the amount of $20,000,000.
Vaccination*: **
! If you are NOT vaccinated your membership will NOT commence until you have completed the required course of three Rabies injections and your titre level is sufficiently high. Evidence of this must be forwarded to the Membership Secretary at and will be required before commencement of any bat handling activities.
If you are already vaccinated you must provide evidence. Please send your evidence by email to
Date of last titre test:
Titre level:

Availability for rescue*:

If you are a member of another organisation, you must nominate under which permit you will care for bats.

Name of other organisation:

It is a requirement that all active carers/rescuers attend training workshops on an annual basis to ensure rescue and care techniques are current and that an appropriate standard is maintained.

I wish to care for*:

As an Active Member, you are able to participate in as many Support Member (Associate) activities as you wish. Please indicate which activities you would like to be involved with below.

As a volunteer all costs incurred while rescuing or caring for bats will be met by the individual member. Where funds permit, Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. may help to subsidize costs. If you require further information about becoming a Bat Conservation member, please email our membership secretary at
I accept that Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. will not be held liable for personal injury, death, property loss or damage or financial loss as a result of any voluntary work undertaken on behalf of the organization. *Required
I have read and understand the pdfCode of Practice for Wildlife Carers and agree to adhere to the Code.

I have also read the Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. By-Laws and agree to abide by their rules. *Required
Membership type*: **
  Family membership applies to people living at the same address only.
Payment option*: **
  If you select PayPal Invoice, you will be emailed an invoice to pay by Credit Card or e-Cheque within 3 business days.