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Batzilla the Bat wants everybody to appreciate the beauty, necessity and fragility of all bat species. "If we don’t protect and care for our bats we’ll lose them and right now we urgently need your support" said Batzilla.

Batzilla and her friends need your help to ensure their rescue, rehabilitation and release!

If like me you love bats, the good news is that you can make a big difference to their survival. Many bats in need of care in South East Queensland rely on the services of Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld Inc which is a volunteer driven not-for-profit organisation that rescues, raises, rehabilitates and eventually releases bats back into their natural habitat.

We need to ensure that in the next 12 months we do everything we can to rescue, rehabilitate and protect all bats needing care in South East Queensland.

We respond to around 2,500 calls for bats in distress each year and we can have up to 120 adults and 240 orphaned animals in care at any one time. We don’t receive any government funding and rely on donations from people like you to ensure the continuation of our work.

Based on the demand for our services over the past few years, we are expecting a very busy summer season. We urgently need funds to ensure that we can acquire the following essential equipment.

A new flight cage for Batzilla and her friends during rehabilitation $18,000

Medical and rehabilitation equipment: $10,000

Rescue equipment, tools, personal protective equipment $4,400

Large refrigerators for storage of fruit (3) $2,400

Fire fighting trailers for heat stress events (3) $6,600

Storage sheds $3,200

Eco toilet for use by volunteer $4,700

Total $49,300

Without this equipment, our volunteers will be further disadvantaged in providing the best possible care for injured and orphaned bats during the coming 12 months.

As Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD is 100% run by volunteers, 100% of your donation will go towards caring for bats and not staff wages. Your donation is also tax-deductible.

We average around five calls for rescue assistance for bats to our service each and every day so we still need to care for many adults and orphans throughout 2015 & 2016.

Your tax-deductible donation will help the Grey-headed flying-foxes which is listed as a Threatened species. Our Black and Little reds are protected species and their populations are also in decline. Each individual is precious and needs our upmost care so they can be rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitat.

Now is the time to help Batzilla and her friends. Please support this special end of financial year appeal and help ensure we have the resources to continue to care for bats in the next 12 months.

Thank you for your support and for everything you do to care for our beautiful bats.

Katrina Faulkes-Leng

President, Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD Inc.

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