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Please help us replace unsafe netting


Thanks to generous donations to the Batzilla the Bat netting fund Batzilla was able to purchase 4 x 100 metre rolls of safe netting to hand out free of charge at rescues to replace killer netting.

As we live in a sub tropical climate we have massive problems with gardeners using cheap killer netting to protect their fruit trees from predation from bats, birds and possums and thousands of animals are tortured and killed each year in large aperture netting.

The safe netting is being cut into 6 x 6 metre pieces before distribution to rescuers who take away the unsafe netting in exchange for this safe netting.

Sincere thanks to all who have contributed as you are actively saving flying-foxes, snakes, birds and possums from a torturous death.

We are so appreciative of your support and if anyone would like to donate to this project, we are able to accept donations through Paypal - see link below - please mark the donation as 'Netting Fund'.

A useful resource for people who want to know more about wildlife friendly fencing (an the dangers of poor fencing /netting) is

Any flying-fox by itself through the day is in trouble.
Don't touch but please call 0488 228 134 for Brisbane and surrounding districts.

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