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Bats, it's not a matter of can we coexist, it's critical that we do!

What do we really know about bats? Can we afford to be apathetic about their future?
The government is changing legislation to take hard fought protection and welfare laws for our precious and declining bats back 50 yrs.

Our bat specific nonprofit service not only cares about the conservation & welfare of bats, we are relied upon for the critical protection of human health. Our trained and vaccinated volunteers are there to collect the injured and orphaned bats that are constantly suffering misfortune which requires their rescue. Megabats and Microbats desperately need our help. Every year our members observe firsthand the increasingly deadly effects of manmade obstacles that our bats face across our hostile landscape as they fly out on their nightly forays seeking the insects or the pollen, nectar and fruits of our forests. Our land and animal management practices must factor in these threats to their existence and address the drivers of declining populations of many bat species. Climatic variability, dangerous introduced plants, emerging plant diseases, starvation events and constant human persecution will continue to take their toll.

The future of bats depends on improving our tolerance and our management of the environments that humans and bats share. Humans and bats can coexist and thrive together.

Alone & in pain - Non-fatally electrocuted bat dies in the gutter on a busy street.

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