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Our greatest pollinators

Gary the grey-headed flying-fox

Gary the Grey-headed flying-fox is doing what flying-foxes do best, licking up the gorgeous sweet melaleuca nectar and getting his face covered in pollen in the process. If he was in the wild he would then fly off to the next tree to pollinate the flowers. The next tree may be 10 kms down the road and this is why our bats are so important. They are Australia's only nocturnal, long distance pollinators and seed dispersers of native forests.

Flying-foxes have evolved a unique symbiotic relationship with our hardwood forest trees and if we allow bat numbers to drop even further, our forests will suffer and all the species that depend upon Australia's forests will also suffer.

We need more bats, not less.

Please remind Mr. Powell at and Mr. Newman at that some of us want greater protection for our bats.

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