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Rodney's Angels

Rodney the flying-fox recuperates with mango

Rodney is enjoying a well-earned rest this morning following a rather traumatic evening.

It was his lucky day when was spotted by two very compassionate young ladies out for their evening walk. Rodney, for whatever reason, fell out of the tree he was in, hit the pavement and was so startled by the approach of his rescuers that he took off from the footpath and flew across a very busy road before slamming into a council road sign.

When we arrived, he was flat on his belly in the wet grass, looking very confused and cold. Happily, there are no broken bones but as he is still off with the bat fairies, he is enjoying a rest in a heated basket with a bowl of freshly chopped mango at his side. Thank-you to the lovely, compassionate young ladies who despite many failed phone calls to get help for Rodney, persevered and returned to check on his welfare. They knew not to touch him but they did everything they could to get him some help.

Thank-you girls. You have made a big difference to Rodney’s life. If only everybody could be so sensible and kindhearted.

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