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Baby Summer rescued from primary school fence

Baby Summer, four weeks old

Baby Summer was rescued this morning after hanging alone on a primary school fence all weekend. She was icy cold, dehydrated and very frightened but she is doing well and has settled into a nice toasty humidicrib with some glucose and water in her empty tummy. Once she is fully hydrated, she will be able to enjoy some warm milk.

At only four weeks of age, Summer is a late baby and she should still be clinging to her mum. We found no sign of mum so we can only assume that Summer was accidentally dropped while mum was out foraging.

Unfortunately on rescues we sometimes encounter unimaginable ignorance and one bystander this morning asked why we would want to rescue 'that thing' as a bigger version of 'it' had killed his dog.
"What do you mean?" Gilbert asked.
"My dog was scratched by a bat and it got really, really sick so the vet euthanased my dog."

The Australian Veterinary Association has a lot to answer for and it is difficult to understand why they will not educate their members to the truth about ABLV and companion animals. NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS HAVE EVER CONTRACTED ABLV FROM BEING BITTEN OR SCRATCHED FROM A BAT.

Sad for the dogs that are euthanased for no reason but even sadder for our bats that are labelled as vermin and disease carriers without just cause.

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