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Update: Baby Summer's first visit to the 'big cage'

Baby flying-fox Summer visits the big cage

It's a pretty scary world out there, especially when it's your first time in the big cage!

Baby Summer had her first supervised visit with the bats in care this afternoon. She is now 7 weeks old and has changed significantly from the skinny stick bat found on a school fence 2 weeks ago. Summer has now caught up and is just above average in the weight to forearm ratio. She has been blessed with an independent spirit and gives us what for when she isn't amused!

Summer will be entering an uncertain world when she is eventually released. One full of hatred, persecution and extreme ignorance. Please email Campbell Newman at and Andrew Powell at and tell them that forced dispersals are extremely cruel and unsustainable.

Our bats need your support now more than ever before so please set aside a couple of minutes and tell the government that not everybody agrees with their policies of persecution.

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