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Powerlines orphan Sparky the flying-fox

Baby flying-fox rescues from powerlines

Sparky was having a rotten morning but his day improved out of sight after he was spotted swinging on powerlines beside his electrocuted mother by an Energex employee.

Sparky was chattering away and crawling all over his mum trying to elicit a response but mum was well and truly dead. Wonderful Energex staff rescue many flying-fox orphans off power lines each year and Sparky is now in care, growing and feeding well.

Our wish for Sparky is to be released into a world free from netting, barbed wire, persecution and shooting.

Please email Andrew Powell our environment minister and remind him that shooting declining populations of flying-foxes is cruel and unsustainable. Ask him why the government aren't actively educating the community to the ecological value of our bats and the extremely low risk of disease transmission. Tolerance and education would make a world of difference to the future lives of babies like Sparky. Email Andrew Powell today at

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