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Marvin takes a spin

Marvin the Large Footed Myotis

Marvin the Large Footed Myotis was having a nice siesta on Rachel's ceiling fan when somebody turned the fan on this morning. After being unceremoniously flung off the fan, Marvin flew a few laps of the lounge room before hunkering down in a bedroom curtain. And there he stayed, until our rescuer arrived late this afternoon.

Marvin is fine and he will be going home this evening to be reunited with his family. Thank-you to the lovely homeowner who gave Marvin some space and called him in. No hysterics, just a level headed approach to a very minor issue. Please call for a vaccinated carer if this happens to you and we can safely and humanely remove the bat from your house.

Good one Rachael and a big thank-you from BCRQ and Marvin for your compassion and understanding.

The BCRQ Rescue Helpline (Greater Brisbane area) is 0488 228 134.

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