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See below for PDF files that you can read, share and link to your own website.

pdfProtecting garden fruit trees without harming wildlife (630 KB)
Many people are happy to share their fruit with wildlife but for those who really want to enjoy the fruits of their labour, here are some ways to protect crops in a wildlife friendly manner.

pdfDr. Patrina Birt's flyer about bats (542 KB)
Learn about why flying foxes are so important. Download Dr. Patrina Birt's flying fox brochure.

pdfBats and cocos palms (1.2 MB)
Do yourself, our bushland and our bats a favour; remove Cocos Palms from our environment!

pdfMicrobats (398 KB)
Information on Microbats, their diets and what you can do in your own backyard to keep them safe and happy.

pdfThe Truth About Bats
Up to date information.

pdfNative Food Trees for Wildlife
List of latin and common names of food trees that Flying Foxes like.