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Become a Member of Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD Inc.

Recruitment of new volunteers is essential so that we can achieve our aims while further assisting in the conservation of bats as keystone species within our fragile environment.

Support membershipBat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc. has two types of members – Support (Associate) and Rescue and Care (Active). A Rescue and Care Member can be involved in some or all of the following activities: rescuing, raising orphans and caring for either flying-foxes or micro-bats. A Support Member never has direct contact with either flying-foxes or micro-bats but supports BCRQ by assisting with any of the following activities: fund raising, public awareness/education, newsletter production, committee membership, our rescue telephone service, data entry, web site maintenance, fruit cutting and other miscellaneous activities. Active members can of course, be involved in the same activities as an Associate Member.

Support Membership (Associate)

Support Membership include participating in non-care activities such as events, fundraising, and the day-to-day management of the group. Support Members may help look after different aspects of running the committee, updating the website, helping with membership administration, contributing to our newsletter, etc.

Rescue and Care Membership (Active)

Rescuer feeding a baby bat

Active membership involves handling flying-foxes and micro-bats, both of which have been known to carry a rare disease called Australian Bat Lyssavirus. Although Australian Health authorities suggest that Lyssavirus poses a low public health risk, BCRQ active members MUST have a course of rabies vaccinations (3 injections over 1 month) before undertaking Active Membership activities. The responsibility for vaccinations rests entirely with each individual member. BCRQ cannot be held liable should an Active Member neglect to be adequately vaccinated or fail to have booster vaccinations when indicated necessary by a low titre level.

Active Members must be over 18 years of age and all members will have access to free annual rehabilitation and orphan training workshops, including training manuals. Access to crèche and release facilities are made available either free, or for the most minimal fee possible.

Junior Bats Rangers

Junior Rangers drawing

Be active in helping raise awareness of these magical mammals and in the process earn yourself rewards and knowledge. These are some of the batty activities and events to watch out for: