Frequently asked questions

Flying-fox Questions

There is a bat alone in a tree during the day. What should I do?

Any bat by itself during the day is in trouble. Please do not touch the bat and call BCRQ on 0488 228 134.

There are bats being noisy outside. How can I stop them?

Flying-foxes are quite vocal animals particularly when competing over food. There is nothing much that can be done about bats making noises at night. If you have the introduced weed the cocos palm growing in your garden, flying-foxes will be attracted to the fruit on the palm. Removing the cocos palms should reduce the noise at night.

I live near a bat camp and there are a lot of bats in the air during the day. Should I tell someone or is there something I can do?

All flying-fox species in Queensland are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 managed by the Department of Environment and Science (DES). It is an offence to kill or otherwise harm a flying-fox or flying-fox camp under the Nature contravention Act 1992 and to do so can result in substantial penalties. Should you witness someone harming wildlife or disturbing a camp please call the police or RSPCA emergency hotline, 1300ANIMAL, and report the incident to DES at

Do bats carry lots of diseases?

Please refer to our Disease page for information.

We have a lot of bat poo on our driveway/car. Should we be worried about getting sick?

Bat poo poses the same health risks as any other animal faecal material. It is not possible for humans to contract ABLV or Hendra from bat faeces. Please refer to our Disease page for more information.

I have found a dead bat. What should I do?

Just like any other dead animal there can be health risks from handling the dead body. Please make sure the bat is dead first and does not have a live baby tucked up under its wing. Either wearing gloves or using a shovel pick the bat up and place it in a plastic bag. Place that in a second bag and then pop the body in the bin.

How do I net my fruit tree without catching bats?

Please refer to the Entrapment in Large Aperture Fruit Netting on our Threats page.

Microbat Questions

Does BCRQ relocate microbats?

No, BCRQ does not have the appropriate permits to relocate microbats.

I have bats in my house. What should I do?

Please refer to the ‘Resident Microbats’ section on our Microbat page for information.

How do I get rid of bats from my house/roof?

Please refer to the ‘Resident Microbats’ section on our Microbat page for information.

Questions about BCRQ

How do I become a carer?

It is always exciting to hear of people who want to become carers! For more information about the types of membership BCRQ offers and how to become a carer, please check out BCRQ’s Become a Member Page. For further information or any other questions please contact BCRQ’s Membership Coordinator at

How can I help bats?

There are a number of ways you can help bats. By planting native blossoms, you provide the wild bats with a food source. Also eliminating hazards such as barbed wire and fruit netting is a big help. Another way is by making a donation to help BCRQ to help feed the bats we are caring for or becoming a carer. If you would like further information please contact BCRQ at

I’m after an interview/quote for our news report/radio/paper/social media?

BCRQ is grateful for the opportunity to get a positive message out to the public about bats. Should you wish to discuss anything media related please contact the BCRQ President at to discuss this.

Does BCRQ attend events or functions?

Yes, BCRQ attends a number of events each year and is happy to consider new ones. Please check out our Events Page to see where we will be next. If you wish to invite BCRQ to an event please contact BCRQ at

Dose BCRQ offer school talks?

Yes, BCRQ provides a range of talks for all ages and is happy to customise for school needs. We also bring along our Education bats so the students can see a flying-fox up close. For further information please contact our Education Officer at

Do you do kids’ programs (not part of school)?

Yes, we do. For further information please contact our Junior Bat Ranger Coordinator at

My child loves bats. How can they become more involved?

It is wonderful to hear about children who have a love for bats. BCRQ offers a kids’ program called the Junior Bat Rangers. Please contact our Junior Bat Ranger Coordinator for further information at

I would like to make a donation. How do I do that?

Thank you so much for your support and we really appreciate your help. Please click here to donate. If you have any questions about donations please contact BCRQ’s Treasurer at

I’m currently doing research and would like assistance/data.

BCRQ understands the value of research and the role it can play in helping conserve Australia’s bats. BCRQ is eager to assist with research projects which aim to further understand and help bats. Please contact BCRQ’s President at to discuss this further.